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It’s hard to stay positive and creative these days… It’s like one wild rollercoaster, some days are great and others not so much. This Sunday was one of those great days. We woke up and went on the most amazing hike in the Rockies (abiding state laws of course) and then we came home to camp in our living room!

We came up with the idea because I have reached a point where I would not like to look at any screens if I don’t have to and Steven has been working on his feet 10+ hours a day making sure everyone got their 200 rolls of toilet paper delivered and the only thing HE wants to do is lay down and stare at a screen all day….

OUR SOLUTION: camping indoors where he can lay down, not move, and watch tv while I pretend I’m in the middle of nowhere listening to nature sounds, pretending I don’t have WiFi… (the view out the top of the tent needs some work)

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