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but first, baseball

My mom and I headed to some of the last games of spring training this past weekend. It was our first time attending and we really wanted to go see a little bit of Arizona’s Cactus League.  Both of the games were at Angels home Tempe Diablo Stadium vs The diamondbacks and the royals.  Really fun and exciting games!

Besides baseball, we went to some local breweries and food joints within the area.  There are many cute places we went to go try!

After the last game on Sunday we started our road trip through Utah!  Cant wait to make spring training an annual tradition!

March 24th

>left for Tempe, Arizona

>Ate at Postino’s Wine Bar in Dowtown Gilbert {Several in the area.  We got the gluten free bruschetta…DELICIOUS}

March 25th

>Angels game vs Diamondbacks

>Huss Brewery {veryyy good beerrr! especially the “Koffee beer”}

>Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co.

>Visited my moms college swimming friend from Gilbert

March 26th

>Yoga @ Huss Brewing w/downward drafts {yoga in a brewery.  was exactly how it sounds and it was awesome! “Yoga Now, Beer Later”

>Angels game vs Royals

>headed out on our road trip!

The Moens

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